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Bruxism and Hypnotherapy

Bruxism is a habit that affects around eight-ten per cent of the population which is characterised by grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw.
The habit affects people's sleep, in fact, it is the third most common sleep disorder behind insomnia and snoring.
It can be frequent and severe enough to lead to jaw disorders, headaches, damages teeth, loss of sleep for self and partner.
Other symptoms of Bruxism include chewed tissue on the inside of the cheek, indentations on the tongue, damaged teeth and tooth sensitivity.
The condition does not always occur in isolation either, as sleep studies have shown that those living with the disorder might also suffer from snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea - pauses in breathing during sleep.
The Bruxism Association recently conducted a survey focused on hypnotherapy as a treatment. The shocking results showed that those who suffer may not fully understand the treatments that are available. A huge 91 per cent of respondents did not know that hypnotherapy was a recognised and proven treatment but those who tried it, found it to be effective.
Experts are divided about what to do about it, but applying lifestyle changes and stress reduction techniques can help in many cases, so simple changes such as listenting to a relaxation CD and a warm bath prior to bedtime should be considered.

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