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Right Now!!!!!!!

Please let me ask you a question – “Right now-this very moment, how are you feeling? What are your thoughts and emotions at this very moment in time? What worry, concern, anxiety or problem is affecting you at this very moment in time?” So now you may be thinking…..”Well, I am worried about a project that I have yet to complete at work tomorrow”……or, “I am feeling anxious about the exams I took last week as I really don’t think I did so well”…….or, maybe you are recalling an argument that you had the day before yesterday with your brother/sister, or worrying about a bill that needs to be paid by next Monday…….so, do you see now where I am going with all of this?What I am saying is that “Right now” or, in this moment, very few of you reading this will have an exact worry, concern, anxiety or problem affecting you…….yes, they may well exist for you, BUT, the chances are that they exist either in the past (which has already happened…..we cannot change the past), or you are perceiving them to happen in the future (now this is an interesting one, because, as you are well aware, the future has not happened…..so how can you possibly know exactly what will be happening in the future?)Can you see the point I am making here? That if we look to the very moment that we are in right now……this is in fact all that we actually have, as the past has gone, the future has not yet happened…….if we look to the precious moment we are in right now…….the chances are that all is pretty good actually! The chances are that we are warm enough in this moment, that we have a roof over our heads in this moment, that our stomachs have food in them at this moment, and that we are content in this moment!And when we actually take this on board, open our minds and increase our self awareness, then we are able to realise that this moment is actually the only reality we have – because this moment is all that actually exists right now!Everything else has happened or has not happened – it is that simple!!Of course, as simple as it is, we as human beings are still evolving, and therefore are still in the throws of firstly grasping this concept, and then secondly, implementing it. Therefore, my work as a therapist involves helping people understand that they cannot be responsible for others behaviour, only of their own. Thus whilst we cannot change the past, we can change the way we view it and react to it. And the future, which has not yet happened, we can know and believe that our mind is so very powerful (we are only just beginning to scrape the surface of, and understand the immense power of the mind of each and every one of us), that what we conceive we can do, than we are very likely to achieve!
“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life” ~ Ekhart Tolle

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Denise on 25 May 2011 19:57
This is so true.....we think we have so much to be worrying about, and yet we miss what we have to be grateful for right now. This really struck a chord with me Michelle!
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