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Health expert runs through the benefits of hypnotherapy in health column
Dr Miriam Stoppard, The Daily Mirror's expert health columnist, has explained in a recent column just how hypnotherapy works. She said that she finds the development of hypnotherapy exciting because it's "proving to be an effective way for people to gain power in situations where they would otherwise feel helpless". Writing about weight loss hypnotherapy, Dr Stoppard said she supports this method in particular because "I approve of anything that reduces the number of people having this drastic surgery [gastric bypass].'' She explained: "This newer form of hypnotherapy involves a practitioner teaching you how to get into a relaxed state of mind, in which you can control your thoughts and feelings and change how you respond to stressful situations... The idea is that you learn these skills then take them away and use on your own." Dr Stoppard gives a few examples of ways in which hypnotherapy is exceedingly successful, including hypnobirthing. This helps mums-to-be to learn simple breathing techniques to keep them calm during childbirth and relax so they still feel in control. "I'm a big fan of hypnobirthing," she wrote. "Midwife-led research shows it leads to shorter, safer births, less need for pain relief or intervention and a happier, calmer mum and baby... I just wish it had been around when I had my kids!" Dr Stoppard also said that hypnotherapy significantly helps treat weight loss and dieting issues, and is also a helpful way to manage symptoms of Tourette's. She added that hypnotherapy is strongly helpful when it comes to tackling phobias. Dr Stoppard wrote: "Hypnotherapy accelerates our natural ability to get over irrational fears by teaching people relaxation and visualisation habits to help deal with trigger situations. For example, people with a social phobia may learn to visualise themselves giving a speech to a room full of clapping, smiling people."  

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Gary on 01 March 2011 09:55
Hi Michelle. I was fortunate enough to be at a talk that you gave and I was really impressed with your knowledge and obvious passion for your profession. I have used hypnotherapy over the years for different problems I have been struggling with and think it is great. I just don't understand why Doctors do not offer it as it has to be better than keep taking drugs or spending years in counselling going over the same issues? Its good to read a Doctor in the public eye is coming out and talking about it. Keep up the good work of letting the public know all about something that is very little known about! Regards. Gary
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Michelle on 08 March 2011 09:21
Hi Gary, Thank you for your comments. I am glad that you have been able to use Hypnotherapy to assist you in making many positive changes in your life. I agree that it is frustrating knowing that Hypnotherapy could help so many more people,however,it is gradually getting there, and Doctor's are now seeing its huge potential and great benefits-and that has to be good! Keep spreading the word Gary! Kindest Regards Michelle

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