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Smoking Causes Stress

Smoking isn't just an expensive vice in monetary terms, it's also costly to overall physical health in both the short term and the long term - and according to a new study, it may be a contributing factor to chronic levels of stress. This surprising contradiction of the smokers adage that cigarettes help "calm their nerves" has come after a recent study of 469 smokers attempting to kick the habit found that those who had been successful for over a year reported a significant reduction in their perceived stress levels. Written by researchers from Barts and the London school of medicine and dentistry, thestudy was recently published in the journal Addiction. At the start of the study, 85% of participants said that they believed smoking helped them deal with stress to some extent, whilst half of these said it helped them "very much" in coping with stress and anxiety. Yet a year later, 41% of participants had stopped smoking - and these participants reported an average 20% reduction in their perceived stress levels. Those who had continued smoking showed little change in their perceived stress levels. "Smokers often see cigarettes as a tool to mange stress," said researcher Peter Hajek. "When dependentsmokers cannot smoke, as the period without cigarettes lengthens, they tend to feel more and more edgy." " A cigarette relieves this stressful state and this is probably the main reason smokers think that smoking relieves stress."

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Cas Willow on 14 September 2010 08:43
Enjoyed your post, love hypnotherapy and how it changes peoples lives around. I am a Hpnotherapist in Australia and I like to see quality info on the net. Yes, Hypnotherapy can assist with the Decision Not To Smoke Cas Willow
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Michelle on 14 September 2010 11:49
Hi Cas, Thank you for your positive comment - always nice to hear from fellow colleagues in other parts of the world!! Hypnotherapy certainly is an amazing tool in helping people change their lives around, something that gives me much pleasure to be a part of, as I am sure it does you. Kindest Regards. Michelle

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